La Gioconda


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Merry Widow



La Gioconda, based on Victor Hugo’s play, “Angelo, Tyrant of Padua,” is the most successful of Ponchielli’s operas, and lends expansive drama, opulent scenery, and supreme irony to the most basic of all human desires, the need of one individual for another.
The familiar ballet suite, “Dance of the Hours,” from Act III is replaced in this production by a pantomime to preserve the dramatic continuity of the work.
First premiered at la Scala in 1876, La Gioconda was produced in Santiago, Chile, and at Covent Garden in London before coming to the Met in 1883. This production marks it’s Dallas / Ft. Worth premire.


La Gioconda

Presented by the Ft. Worth Opera
Conducted by John Balme
Directed by James Poulliott
Scenery by Allen Charles Klein

Act IV
Act I
Act II

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