Boobs! The Musical

Rocky Horror Puppet Show



A bawdy and consistently amusing revue, "Boobs! The Musical - The World According to Ruth Wallis" puts a silly new spin on the torch singer's naughty, double-entendre-laced "party songs," such as the title number, that forged her cult following in the late-1940s through the '60s.

In "Boobs," 21 of Wallis' tunes are performed by a talented young cast, accompanied by an onstage pianist. But instead of just singing her songs, they act out the double meaning behind the lyrics. The numbers flow seamlessly under Donna Drake's crisp direction, with writers Steve Mackes and Michael Whaley throwing in occasional tidbits about Wallis' career. The show is made even more enjoyable by its cabaret setting at the intimate Triad Theatre.

Robert Dominguez
The New York Daily News


Boobs! The Musical
The World According to Ruth Wallis

Directed by Donna Drake
Choreography by Lawrence Leritz
Set Design by Eric Harriz
Costumes by Robert Pease & J. Kevin Draves


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