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Hong Kong 2002

Hong Kong 2000

Texas Christian University

Omaha Playhouse



Thanks to John Williams, professor of lighting design at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts and Robert Bell from Cast Lighting, this week long seminar immersed the students into automated luminaire programming with WYSIWYG.

The lighting system included 5 VL5s, 5 VL6s, 5 Technobeams, 4 Strand 520is, 1 Whole Hog and 5 WYSIWYG stations. Each console controlled 1 VL5, 1 VL6 and 1 Technobeam while the WYSIWYG station for that console had all luminaires. This mandated that the students program the entire rig via WYSIWYG while seeing a sample in real live via the lights controlled by the console.

Equipment was provided by the Academy, Vari*Light, Strand, High End and Cast Lighting.


Automated Luminaire Programming with WYSIWYG

Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts


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