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Hong Kong 2002

Hong Kong 2000

Texas Christian University

Omaha Playhouse



Through the use of theatrical and architectural fixtures, architectural lighting designers Paul Gregory of Focus Lighting and Jonathan Spears of the UK-based Lighting Architects Group created a flexible system to open the interior design student's mind and eyes to the possibilities of exterior architectural lighting using TCU's Moudy Building.

The system used the Strand ShowNet backbone to connect both Strand and ETC consoles to over 200 fixtures.

I taught and programmed the Strand 520i while Bill Belleveau from ETC took care of the students via the Expression line.

See the Lighting Dimensions article by Ellen Lampert-Gréaux


TCU Architectural Lighting Masterclass

Texas Christian University:
Fred Oberkircher
Architectural Lighting Designers:
Paul Gregory and Jonathan Spears

blue and lavender
green and blue
lavender and green

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