You Can't Take It With You

The Kentucky Cycle

Deep Down

Henry IV



It's 1963. While digging for Spanish gold on his Florida property, eccentric white landowner Ned Xnides discovers much richer treasure: slave artifacts from a plantation once located on the very spot. His reluctant associate, an African-American ex-con named Daniel, feels connected to the slaves from history. But Ned and his daughter Hannah, at times sympathetic to Daniel and at other times too entrenched in the prejudicial tension of a pre-Civil Rights movement South, ultimately clash with Daniel over the potential of this meager plot of land. Grissom's three memorable characters cling fiercely to their beliefs, trying to come together with a common goal of digging to reveal the truth of history--only to find that what they hold in common will be blasted apart by the racially charged atmosphere of the early sixties.


Deep Down

Written by Doug Grissom
Directed by John Lawler
Scenery by Charles Kirby
The Intar Theatre - NYC

The Stranger
A Moment Together

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