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Strand's fixture library can be edited either offline or on the fly. It holds 99 fixtures and can control any DMX-based automated luminaire on the market. Each fixture can have up to 126 attributes. New attributes have been added with software version 2.8.5 for devices like media servers.

While the capacity of the fixture library excludes it from containing all fixtures in all modes, I have created fixture libraries per manufacturer. They can be downloaded below.

Fixture Library Information

I always begin by adding fixtures as I use them. The easiest way to use this information is to just edit the fixture library yourself with the information provided below for each fixture.


I will create every fixture as Fixture 1, just replace whichever fixture you choose. And don't worry about lining up all of the columns...just press SAVE FILE and everything will align for you!

Here is the table of attributes that each fixture is built from...

attribute list for software version 2.8.5

Strand Lighting


Fixture Manufacturer List

Clay Paky


ETC Revolutions


High End

Martin (Mirror Units Only)

Martin (Yoke Units Only)




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