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The digitizing tablet shown here is an "off the shelf" item by Wacom. I use the 12" x 12". It allows the mapping of console macros to a more graphical environment. By choosing the tablet size and resolution mode, up to 2000 macros can be controlled in this manner.

The sample tablet layout (below right) was used to program the Meadows Award 1999.

Follow the links below for supporting documents and drawing files on tablet layouts. To save, hover over the name, right click and choose save as...

A4 OS Low Resolution - AutoCad file
R4020a4b - Word doc
R4032osb - Word doc
R4040a3b - Word doc

Strand 550i with digitizing tablet, Strand 300, SN100 Node for Remote Video
Tablet Layout for the Meadows Award 1999

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