The Setup: 15 automated luminaires (5 VL5s, 5 VL6s and 5 Technobeams), 5 consoles (4 Strand 520is, 1 Whole Hog), 5 WYSIWYG systems - 1 per console. Each console/WYSIWYG combo were programming all 15 lights while each desk actually controlled only 3 lights each. This mandated that the students program while looking at the WYSIWYG screen output but they were able to see what was really going on by watching the output of their 3 lights live. Each console had a team of students that was instructed in console operation throughout the week. On the fifth and last day, their assignment was to collectively design and program the lighting of a song using manequins as performers. Robert Bell not only helped with the WYSIWYG side, he helped instruct the students throughout the 5 day masterclass.